Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses

Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses is a "string band" that specializes in high-energy, modernized versions of old songs taken from Americana and Roots music along with a healthy dose of original music.

In the last year Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses have played all over the state of Minnesota including well-received performances at Harvest Fest in Geneva, MN, Homegrown Music Festival in Duluth, MN, The Northeast Folk Festival in Minneapolis, MN and The Mid-West Music Festival as well as Boats and Bluegrass Festival in Winona, MN.

Most recently, Ray and the Horses released an ambitious double album (half originals / half old standards), and are looking forward to continue taking those songs on the road this summer. Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses is a high-energy renegade American roots band specializing in foot-stompin, forget-what-troubles-ya music. With energy to blow your face off, and enough soul to well your eyes, the band is best taken live with friends and strangers. Based in Minnesota's Iron Range, the group has established a passionate and equally as rowdy fan-base throughout the Northland and continues to travel further to spread their unique mix of blues, old-time, and Americana roots music. Those Damn Horses are: